Cashcrate Review – Is Cashcrate Legit or Scam?

Cashcrate Review : Personal and Unbiased CashCrate Review

This is an in-depth CashCrate review that focuses telling you exactly what the site can/can’t do as well as offering free tips and proof that they are a legitimate company that pays you to take surveys, watch videos, and signup for offers that are relevant to your interests.

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cashcrate review

We spent an entire month doing CashCrate offers daily and we received a check at the end of the month of which is screen capped in the banner above. We then decided to provide an in-depth overview of our experience and a full CashCrate review for others to benefit from since there are so many scam sites out there.

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Whether you are looking to make some extra monthly spending cash or pay down some bills Cash Crate offers a unique way to do so.

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Most sites out there claiming that you can work from home are indeed scams and if you continue to buy into their hype and pay for ebooks that can guarantee you thousands of dollars in the first month then you will likely be out of your money spent and find yourself back to square one.

What is CashCrate? A Quick CashCrate Review:

Cashcrate is a place that has an active forum community that has tons and tons of honest and helpful members, as well as the staff who is very active and friendly that will go out of their way to help you. They offer incentives, contests, and other ways to earn cash outside of simply completing offers as well.

You will find that completing surveys, watching videos and signing up for offers is an easy way to supplement your income that allows you the freedom to do so in your own home, on your own time. Many of the offers you will be interested in anyways so it is a win win!

CashCrate is a legit company that even allows you to sign up for free. Better yet, by signing up you will instantly receive a FREE $1 credit into your account to get you started and on to your payout. CashCrate works with other companies who want to research products and ideas available to consumers, or even still in the research phases.

Often times you will be the first to know about products before they even hit the store shelves because you are filling out surveys on the likelihood that they will be successful. Market research is a multi-million dollar business and allows top firms like Pepsi Co to get impressions from real people (the consumers) as you take surveys.

CashCrate Review of Daily Surveys:

Surveys are arguably one of the easiest to complete; aside from the videos which only require you to watch a brief clip. Each survey takes roughly 20 minutes to complete; although each will vary in length. Dependant on your location there are typically 6 available which you can complete once every 24 hours. The price paid for each survey will be conveniently listed next to each one.

Imitator Sites:

Don’t be fooled by other sites out there which are not legitimate companies. They prey on having you sign up and then sell your email address to third parties, or even have you signup to affiliate offers in the process making them money further off of your sign up.

That’s why we’ve done this CashCrate Review!

CashCrate will never sell your information and has no startup costs (also used by shady imitator sites). CashCrate acts as your manager by linking you to offers they have pre-screened and are from trusted market research companies.

CashCrate Review on the Benefits:

CashCrate offers a payout at $20.00; meaning all you need to earn by the end of the month is a mere $20 in order to get paid. In order to make themselves money, imitator sites out there will set this bar at $75 or even $100 to take advantage of those who choose not to keep going and then never have to pay them.

CashCrate Payment Proof Reviewed:

In order to prove to everyone the legitimacy of CashCrate they also offer a payment wall where users/members of the site can upload pictures of their monthly checks. This shows trust and you even will receive points for doing so each month. Points can be redeemed for merchandise and are another way you can earn with Cash Crate.

We took a lot of time to bring you this unbiased CashCrate Review so enjoy and happy earning!

CashCrate FAQ

CashCrate Review: Frequently Asked Questions (Ex: is cashcrate a scam?)

Cashcrate Review questions we are often asked. We made a page so you can easily find the answer’s to your questions.

(we took this snapshot directly from our earnings within the first week )


Is CashCrate Legit or Scam?

NO, NO and No. CashCrate is a 100% real and a legitimate company that has paid out consistently to thousands of people each month, including us. They have a firm privacy policy in place and will never sell your information or ask for money from you. It’s okay you’re not the first person to ask “does cashcrate work, or is cashcrate real?”

How do I get started?

That’s really easy; simply click on the banner below and sign up. By doing so you will instantly receive a $1.00 for to get you on your way to earning the payout minimum of $20.

When do I get my check?

If you earn the minimum $20 (which is really easy) then your check will be sent out on the 15th of the following month if you are a basic earner. You can be promoted by referring other members which will allow you to be paid on the first of each month.

I don’t live in the U.S. can I still participate?

YES. However we did find that in other areas like Australia for example there are very limited amounts of offers at this time. The highest amounts of offers are from the United States although they exclaimed that they are working on expanding their reach.

When do I get new offers?

New offers are updated weekly however CashCrate Review informed us that it also depends on the sponsors initiating the product/service. Although you may do surveys once every 24 hours to receive credit.

CashCrate Tips & Tricks

These CashCrate tips are extremely valuable for your earning potential with Cash Crate.

CashCrate review on ways to earn money with Cash Crate.

Cashcrate Review of Tips and Tricks to help you earn money online!

Cashcrate Offers:

Below each title offer will display a description of what you need to do in order to receive compensation for your time. Follow this before hitting the submit button because if you simply hit submit the offers will just stay pending and never give you credit for completing them (since you never did or did incorrectly).

CashCrate Surveys:

You may complete each survey once; every 24 hours to receive credit and get paid. They tend to average from 10-25 minutes in length and are usually on products or companies you purchase from already. These add up very quickly and will be one of your biggest ways to earn over the course of the month.

Cashcrate Video Offers:

Is it as easy as watching a short video and earning money? Well yes, yes it is. These vary in payout quite a bit but are indeed as real as it gets. You can watch a short video about a product, company, or service and be paid for doing so. Usually at some point in the video a number flashes on the screen and then asks you to recall it in order to make sure you are human and that you were paying attention.

Online Shopping:

This one is perfect nowadays with so many people shopping online. If you choose to take advantage of this option you have the ability to earn a percentage of your purchase back in cash crate earnings. There are lots of major retailers, including Wal-Mart who participates in the program.

For Example: If you decide to spend $85 and the online retailer offers 8% back on your purchase …you would be credited for $6.80

Cashcrate Referrals:

We didn’t get a chance to discover the true potential of this method of earning but we do believe it is one of the best ways to substantially increase your monthly earnings. You can refer people to sign up under you and you will receive 20% of their earnings without garnishing their earnings. You both win! Then when that person signs up people under them you also receive an additional 10% of their referrals.

Update: Cashcrate has an excellent affiliate program where you can earn $1000+ by just referring your friends.

Check out below tutorial on affiliate marketing and learn how you can earn thousands of dollars each month from affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

*Cash Crate makes it very easy for you to earn money by offering many different options.

CashCrate TIPS & TRICKS:

Cashcrate Review of Tips and Tricks – The holy grail to unlocking making money online potential!

The Holy Grail to Unlocking Big Earning Potential With Cash Crate

Setup a designated email account to use for CashCrate (gmail is good). Cash Crate will never spam or email you unwanted mail, however the offers you complete certainly will. If of course you choose to complete offers. Many offers will also require you to confirm your email before you will be paid. This is the easiest way to earn from cash crate and takes literally seconds to do. (Doing surveys will not put you at risk for spam)

Be active in the forums as there is tons of valuable information including more in depth tips and tricks for earning more with cash crate. We benefited greatly from reading a few threads located on the site.

While trying to complete surveys there will be some that you don’t qualify for since they are looking for a specific gender, location or other preset quotas have already been filled. Keep trying to qualify until you get into one that meets your criteria in order to be paid at the end when you complete the survey.

You should clear your browsers cookies often (ideally after each completed survey). You may wish to use a program called CC cleaner which is popular amongst the users in the forum because of its ease. Some survey companies track you by your cookies and leaving them may limit you from completing another survey for a given amount of time. This will bypass that issue.

You can also complete offers and other tasks to earn points which can be redeemed for merchandise. We experimented briefly with this option but it seemed as though it would take time to accumulate a lot of points to get anything higher than some amazon, wal-mart, etc. gift cards.

Some of the offers you complete will not authorize immediately and you must be patient.

All completed offers and surveys are updated during weekdays only and only for those that were completed properly under their guidelines and directions.

This tip rings true for this and everything in life. Don’t get burnt out! It is easy to start earning money very quickly but if you find yourself getting tired or burnt out from it, take a break and return to it later. Answering a lot of multiple choice questions is sometimes taxing to individuals. There’s real money to be made here, so set yourself a comfortable amount of surveys to complete each day and you will be well on your way.

Make sure you read all the terms on the high paying offers. These often require a credit card membership that will incur monthly charges or a cell phone number which often results in the same. Many are trials and you can cancel your membership after that, but we wanted to warn you of these ahead of time since there are some nice hefty payouts but they do come with a quick warning.

Cash Crate allows you to tell them when you want to be paid. If you want to step it up a notch and challenge yourself you can decide to be paid in an interval higher than the minimum of $20. Some users set theirs at $500+ and only get a check when they reach this amount. It is totally up to you what benchmark you decide to set your payout at. Just make sure you take full use of this comprehensive cashcrate review we have built.

I hope you liked my personal and unbiased cashcrate review. Please let me know what do you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you for reading.