Is Harris Poll Online Legit?

Harris Poll Online Review

is harris poll online legit

An Overview Of Harris Poll Online

  • Membership: Free to Join
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Eligible Countries: USA and Canada
  • Payments and Rewards: PayPal cash, Amazon Gift Cards

Is Harris Poll Online Legit?

Yes. Harris Poll Online is a legitimate survey panel that pays it’s members to participate in Harris poll surveys.

Who can join Harris Poll Online survey panel?

Harris Poll Online survey panel is available for 18+ year old USA and Canadian residents.

How to sign up for Harris Poll?

  1. Step 1. Click here to join Harris Poll Online for Free.
  2. Step 2. Check your email, open the email that you have received from Harris Poll and click on the confirmation link to verify and complete your registration. This step is mandatory else you will not receive any survey as Harris poll is a double opt in company.

What Is Harris Poll Online?

​Harris Poll Online survey site is a market research company that is located in America and has been in existence for over 50 years. ​

The company’s main agenda is to analyze detailed aspects of products and services that have a direct influence on the lives of the Americans.

​For the research to be successful, the company involves the people by encouraging the sharing of opinions and insights on the quality of various brands and products. Additionally, consumers get the chance to give their views on the changing trends in the market demand and how the changes affect them.

The Harris poll was founded in the year 1963 but was then known as Harris Interactive. It began to gain ground through the internet in the year 1997 and since then, it has been growing every day. The company has developed online polls in union with over 500 firms and 74 fortune companies to be able to reach to a wider target group. Harris Poll Survey site has over six million members from over 99 countries.

Who can join Harris Poll Online survey panel?

Membership Requirements:

Some of the countries that are open to participating in the survey include:

Harris poll online is currently open for United States and Canada.

Harris poll survey permits any person of 13 years and above to participate in the investigations.

You can then proceed to register as a member if you come from any of the countries mentioned above, and you are 13 years and above. The Harris poll sign up process is easy and fast since you only need to access the official Harris Poll website and click on the join now notification button.

You will then be required to provide your personal details that will include your names and payment options. Efficient filing of the information that is required enables you to have a personal account and access to the surveys. The best thing about the poll is that joining is free of charge thus money cannot be a limitation

What are the different ways to make money with Harris Poll?

Paid Online Surveys

Harris poll is a company that conducts research on the various aspects of a product or service to help improve its quality. That is why they entirely depend on what you have to say to make the necessary recommendation.

Once you have confirmed to be a registered member of the company through email, you receive your first survey link that gives you points to start you off.

The first survey opens the door for you to participate in many more jobs depending on your interests.

However, it is not a must that you will receive each and every survey. The number of surveys you get depend on how active you are. Excitingly, every survey you take and complete gives you the chance to enter Harris Poll sweepstakes that is worth 10,000 dollars. You also earn 15 HI points for taking a survey but failing to qualify.

Participate In Discussion and Paid Focus Groups

​In a focus group discussion, you share your opinions about a particular issue that is on the discussion as a group.They then use your ideas to analyze the problem. Harris Poll is the best company to conduct a focus group discussion forum since the best opinions receive world’s best media coverage such as in the magazines

Telephone / Mobile Surveys

Harris Poll survey also conducts its research by using phone calls to get the opinion of its members. The telephone survey is a valid method of getting research data from a targeted population. The company makes sure that they treat your contact with confidentiality and only used for the agreed purpose to prevent scam.

Direct Mail Assignments

You can also receive direct emails that require you to complete a particular task within a certain duration. Successful completion of the job earns you points and places you in a position to receive more assignments.

Special Research Assignments

For this case, you can request to be given an assignment that requires a longer duration for successful completion. You will, therefore, be needed to download a software that you can easily install to your smartphone or computer for successful completion of the task.

In all the above methods, you will be provided with topics that relate to the area that you selected during registration. You may be required to test a product, play games, watch certain videos or even participate in sweepstakes.

What Are The Rewards offered by Harris Poll Online?

Harris poll does not pay its members with cash, they only give points for each successful survey.

You can always redeem the points known as HI points to get a gift card, or you can decide to enter the sweepstakes competition thereby standing a chance to win $10,000. Harris Poll survey also provides you with the option of donating your points to the charities that the company lists on its website.​​

How to Redeem Your Points And Rewards?

​You can always redeem the points once you reach the redemption level that is normally at 1250 points, or allow your points to accumulate for as long as you intend. However, the points cannot be redeemed for a gift card worth more than 10 dollars.

Conclusively, Harris Poll Online Survey Site is a trustworthy and legit company that provides legitimate services. You can be sure that you will earn many points and compensate for your time and effort. Moreover, you may not receive surveys on a daily basis just like any other survey company, but you can be 100% sure you will get several surveys in a week.

The surveys are always simple thus making your work easier, but it does not mean you will not come across difficult polls once in a while. One survey can take approximately 5 to 30 minutes depending on its nature.

Harris Poll also ensures that you get your gift card on time, and they notify you in the case of any technical challenges. You can, therefore, join other millions of people to create change in market products as well as make online money without too much hard work and sacrifice.

Click here to join Harris Poll Online today!

Harris Poll Contact Information

Harris Interactive, Inc.
Phone: (585) 272-8400
Toll Free: 800.866.7655

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