Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging: How to make money blogging guide for beginners?

If you are a college student, teen or stay at home moms and I like to make money by doing online jobs, here is one such way. Last few weeks, I’ve shared some of most popular online jobs for college students, teens and stay at home moms. In case you haven’t read yet, click here to read about these online jobs for college students, teens and stay at home moms.

Today, I will talk about an online job that is one of my favorites: Blogging. Actually, blogging may be a job, may be not; it depends on your point of view. It can be a part-time job, but also a passion, and that’s best if you can mix 2 of them together, so the successful rate would be higher.

What is blogging ?

Basically, blogging indicates the action of building a personal website (a.k.a blog), writing the articles and publish them to the website. The topics can be anything you’re interested in, or have knowledge, or have experience with. For example, you like dog, you can blog about dog training, how to distinguish the dog races, etc; or if you like cooking, building a blog showing other people how to cook delicious recipes would be a great idea.

Blogging initially is a way to express personal’s ideas and points of view, where to share the knowledge with other people. Gradually, through the development, people realize that they can utilize their blogs to make money. It can be said that blogging gave us both the chance to follow the passion, and some extra income, so it received the interest of more and more people.

Blogging’s Pros and Cons


  • This is the age of information and knowledge, so if you master in certain areas and willing to share with others, people will appreciate you, so blogging would be a wonderful choice.
  • When your blog becomes more popular and start earning money, it would be a kind of your own ATM that can give you the real passive income. If you have some online experience, there are many chances that you’ve known a famous blogger who are earning $10,000 – $50,000 a month by blogging. Yes, that’s a very shocked and amazing numbers but true. Of course, you need a lot of time and effort to make that much money blogging but I tell you this story to show that blogging has huge potential.


  • About the cons, the biggest thing is that if you want to be a successful blogger, you will have to learn many new skills: copy writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), conversion rate improving, some IT technical knowledge, WordPress using, etc.) or you can outsource those tasks, but they would cost you quite a lot of money. So in a nutshell, you will have to put many efforts, time, and even money (for domain, hosting, SEO, graphics, etc.) on your blog before it can bring you the first buck.
  • The second cons actually relates to first one. Blogging is a long term business, it means you can’t be famous blogger in a day or a week. It requires you to work hard, and the importance is patience.

How to Make Money with a Blog?

There are so many ways to earn income from your blog, as long as you can attract many visitors to it. Here are some of them:

  1. Place Google Adsense ads on your blog: You will be paid when your visitors click on the ads. The rate depends on your niche as well as visitors’ locations.
  2. Affiliate marketing: This is my favorite way. Basically, you promote other people’s products by mentioning them in your posts. There are many ways to promote, but one of the most effective ways is that you write the product’s review.
  3. Sell your own products: For example, you have a blog about how to train dogs and you wrote an eBook about dog training, so why you don’t promote this eBook on your own blog ? Or you have knowledge about Internet marketing, you can consider to create an online course, etc.

Tips to become a successful blogger: Here are a few tips to become a successful blogger and make money blogging.

Follow your heart’s voice:

Do what you have passion on is a very effective way to ensure your success. Why’s that ? It’s simply because if you do what you love, chance is you will try your best, whether it can give you money or not, so it’s easier to reach the success. Remember this advice when you choose the topic for your blog.

Learn about keyword research:

You can outsource the SEO tasks for others, but at least you should know about keyword research. This is very useful for you when choosing the titles for your posts, because if your titles include the keyword that that is interested by many people, you can get more traffic to your blog, and that’s definitely awesome.

Post regularly:

This is an important tip to be a successful blogger. Whether you are busy or not, make sure to arrange your time to write and publish the posts on regular basis. You can define the frequent rate when starting the blog, for example 2 posts per week, and after decide this rate, ensure to follow it strictly.

Where to start?

There are some useful resources you should check out before starting your first blog, they are all created by very successful blogger who have so much experience about blogging:

This is another online jobs for teens, college students and moms. If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below.

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