Online Survey Jobs

Online Survey Jobs – Legitimate Paid Surveys – What Are They and How to Find Them?

Summary: Join Legit Survey Sites and Make Money Doing Surveys in Your Spare Time.

As mentioned in the post about most popular online jobs for college students, teens and stay at home moms, taking paid surveys online is very hot nowadays, because it doesn’t require any advanced skill, you just need a computer and basic Internet using experience to complete the surveys and you’re good to go! This is one of the easiest online jobs one can do.

What are online survey jobs?

Basically, the concept is simple: you sign up for the paid survey panels, then they will send you the surveys, you complete these surveys, and if your work reach enough quality, you will receive payment.

Pros and Cons of Online Survey Jobs:


  • This is a typical work from home job. You are totally flexible in work place and time.
  • Simple. You don’t have to prepare anything, just a computer and reliable Internet connection.
  • Cost nothing. The sign up for paid survey services are usually free.
  • Most important thing: You can make real money online by this method. And you can do it in idle time, as an effective way of killing time! Therefore, this type of job is suitable for college students who want to seek for a flexible part-time job.


  • You have to really patient if you want to make a solid amount of money with taking online surveys. The reason is that the rate for each survey is usually not high (sometimes there are surveys which pay up to $90 per each, but they are rare and you have to face with strong competition).
  • And next thing is also a strong warning: ALWAYS be careful before joining a paid survey service that is unfamiliar with you because the fraud rate in this industry is very high.

Why to complete paid surveys and do online survey jobs?

This is a wise question, since you can’t hope for a legit program that pays well without knowing clearly about its goal when hiring you.

Well, in this case, there are many companies who do paid market research to know about what public think and want about topics related to their products/services. Of course they don’t do this by themselves, but they have market research companies do paid surveys, and that’s is the reason why you are paid for completing the surveys.

For most paid survey panels, you have to sign up an account, and then access to their websites, or get sent by email to have the list of available surveys.

After completing the surveys and sending them to the websites, your surveys will be reviewed for quality and validation; if they are approved, you will be paid. Usually payment will be sent via PayPal, cheque or direct bank transfer.

Avoid paid survey scam – a very important task for newbies

When you have done this job for a long time, and with many different paid survey panels, you will know how to recognize what panels are legitimate and what seem to be scam.

However, if you are totally new, this becomes quite a problem. And the most important thing is that you have to change your attitude. As a starter, many people fall into the thinking that they’re going to be the millionaire, or even billionaire (which is mostly impossible) in short time by taking paid surveys online. Therefore, when looking at the colorful banners which show very attractive conditions (which are too good to be real) of certain paid survey websites, they are persuaded, and join with no doubt. This attitude is not good at all, and you have to keep your head cool to assess a service.

There are so many ways that a scam service can use to trick you, but here I will tell you 2 effective ways to avoid scam:

  1. Be careful with the websites that require you to send them payment before joining. It can be one time or monthly membership fee. These sites’ trick is that they list the surveys that require a lot of things, so you hardly qualify for.
  2. Next tip to recognize a scam website is to look for its contact information, such as phone number, or an address. Most real sites will display these information clearly in their homepage or contact us page, while many scam sites don’t.

Some reputed and legit paid survey panels to start:

  1. Harris Poll Online
  2. Pinecone Research
  3. E-Poll Surveys
  4. IPSOS I-say
  5. Opinion Plus
  6. MySurvey
  7. Opinion Outpost
  8. Global Test Market

If you know other reputed paid survey panels, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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