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Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens, College Students and Stay at Home Moms

Frequently Questions and Answers

Online tutoring is one of the most popular online jobs for teens, college students and stay at home moms nowadays. It converges all the factors that a college student want to have in a part-time job. I’ve listed online tutoring jobs as one of 12 most popular online jobs for college students in recent post. And now we will discuss more about this type of job.

Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students and Stay at Home Moms – FAQ

Q: What is online tutoring job?

A: Basically, this job is about teaching students about English, math, science, or social subjects, etc. However, the teaching process takes place in online environment instead of meet each other in person. There are freelancing tutors who post the advertisements themselves and get customers, but in most cases, there are online tutoring companies who play the role of middle men between students and tutors.

Q: Can I get an online tutoring job without having a college degree ?

A: Well, like you, many people think that they will not find an online tutoring job if they don’t have a degree in hand. It’s not true since you can totally find a job like that while you are a college student. Of course, there are services and subjects that require certain degrees, but if you are proficient at some subjects, eager to sharing knowledge with others, and willing to dig deeper on searching for suitable services, it’s no way that you are not approved for online tutoring jobs.

Q: Payments of online tutoring jobs for college students ?

A: It really depends on the experience and qualification. Basically, the online tutoring jobs providers will pay based on hour rates. The average rate is about $10-$12 per hour. And of course the rate will grow up as your skill develops.

Q: Benefits of becoming online tutor?

A: There are many advantages you will receive when become an online tutor:

  • Work from home
  • Flexible work time (very necessary since you have to balance studying and working)
  • Earn some money (of course)
  • Practice your knowledge and international teaching skill
  • Learn new things: soft skills, professional working style, etc.

Q: Some tasks I need to work as an online tutor?

A: As an online tutor you will:

  • Help students to develop their study skills
  • Learn about students’ misunderstanding about the subject and lead them to correct studying attitude.
  • Solve the students’ queries relating to the subject and learning process
  • Review students’ work and give feedback.

Q: What requirements I need to meet before applying for online tutoring jobs ?

A: The detailed requirements depends on each online tutoring provider, but in general you will think of the following things:

  1. Currently reside in USA or Canada, and have a valid Social Security or Social Insurance number
  2. Be eligible to work in these above countries.
  3. Have strong knowledge about the subjects you want to become tutors, for example:
  4. English, math, science or other subjects.
  5. Have experience or teaching skill; besides, you need to have the ability of patience and cooperative attitude with others
  6. Have good IT skills and the ability to work well in online environment. This is obvious, since most working activities will take place online, and via your computer. Besides, you need to ensure that your computer has enough memory and speed to run the required software. The detailed system requirements should be displayed on the homepage of online tutoring services.
  7. Have a computer and reliable Internet connection (mandatory but it seems that this is not a problem nowadays)
  8. Background check: in many cases, parents who take care of the tutor who work with their child will require the background checking. Some one with criminal history will definitely be not approved.

When you apply for the online tutoring companies, some will require you to have minimum requirements (for example, in, you must be a college sophomore or higher from an accredited US or Canadian University) and/or pass the special exams that they design to test the applicants’ level.

Q: Where I can find online tutoring jobs?

A: You can definitely find customers who want to learn by yourself by posting ads on websites, via relationships, etc. However, the chances are not high, and you have to deal with many issues. Therefore, in my opinion, you should apply for online tutoring services, and have them find you a suitable one.

There are many companies out there, but you should be careful since the fraud rate in this business is quite high. I’ve summed up the most popular services:


This is not an online tutoring service, but a free marketplace. You can post your ads here to promote yourself as an online tutor.

Professional online tutoring provider; they have great service, and require quite high qualification. You can read the full requirements and many other things on its website.


An online tutoring service, same as


An online tutoring service


This is a huge marketplace for freelancing jobs, including tutoring. You need to sign up a free account, and create a profile, showing clearly what jobs you want to work in, what degree and skills you have, etc. so employers can review and hire you if you’re suitable for their work.

Online tutoring jobs teens, for college students and moms are great chances for anyone who have teaching skills and confidence in certain subjects. Finding a suitable job is not easy, but it’s not impossible. I want to hear from you. It’s great if you can share with us your information or experience about online tutoring jobs. Please feel free to leave a comment on the form below.

If you’re interested in other online jobs for college students, come back later since I will continue discussing about this topic in later posts.

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