Paidviewpoint Review – Is Paid View Point Legit?

PaidViewpoint Review: Is Paid View Point Legit?

One of the sites that brought me back to taking surveys in my free time again was PaidViewpoint. I had taken surveys for years, but had began to lose interest because it was the same thing over and over.

PaidViewpoint changed this for me because it’s what I like to call a new age survey site that will change the way we take online surveys forever. It’s also my #1 recommendation for taking online surveys because of the updates it’s made to to taking online survey world.

With that introduction I think you already know that PaidViewpoint is legit. But go ahead and stick around to read the rest of this review, where I will cover the details of this program and show you why it’s better then any other pure survey site out there! Review


Score: 99 Out of 100

Verdict: Legit #1 Recommendation

PaidViewpoint is my #1 recommendation for taking surveys online. They are completely legit which I will prove to you in the next section and have redesigned how we take surveys.

The surveys are very short and require just a few minutes of your time. The best thing about PaidViewpoint is that you’re already approved for every survey that they send you! No more answering questions in a survey just to find out that you do not qualify.

PaidViewpoint offers a good referral program and also makes it easy to receive payments. But don’t worry I will be covering all of this within this Review.

Is PaidViewpoint Legit?

One thing I want to get out of the way right away is if PaidViewpoint is Legit. I’ve included a few screenshots of payments I’ve received along with my account balance as I write this review.

paidviewpoint proof of payment

As you can see I’ve made a decent amount of money just for taking these short surveys and have been paid via PayPal from PaidViewpoint in the past. I’ve never had any problems with this company and don’t expect any anytime soon!

Start Earning Now!

How PaidViewpoint Works?

There are two main ways that you will make money with PaidViewpoint. They are both surveys, but are two entirely different types of a surveys. I will cover both of these first then move on to some of the other important topics of PaidViewpoint.

Trait Surveys

The first type of surveys are called trait surveys. Bascially these surveys are all 10 questions long. These surveys usually ask questions about yourself and situation. Some questions you will find are, do you make purchase decisions on these items and what kind of credit cards do you have if any.

They are extremely easy to answer and are used to build a profile of you so they can send you the PaidViewpoint Surveys that pay much more.

These surveys will also help build up your trait score which I will cover here soon.

These surveys are usually 10 questions and pay you $.10. These surveys usually take less then 3 minutes to complete.

Occasionally trait surveys will have a few extra questions added to the end, if you answer correctly, it will turn into a PaidViewpoint survey and you will receive more cash for taking the survey.

PaidViewpoint Surveys

The second type of survey you will receive from PaidViewpoint is what I call a PaidViewpoint Survey or one that will provide feedback to a company paying PaidViewpoint to distribute this survey.

These survey vary in length, usually anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and pay anywhere from $1.50 to $5.

Just like the trait surveys they are extremely easy to answer and get through in a timely fashion.

PaidViewpoint Surveys do expire so make sure to answer them as quckly as possible to guarantee you receive reward from the survey!

Trait Score

I mentioined Trait Score with the Trait Survey section, but basically Trait Score is PaidViewpoints way of measuring your activeness and honesty when answering questions within their surveys.

The Trait Score is a score from 0-10000 with 9000 being in the top 10% of PaidViewpoint Members. Once you have a trait score over 9000 you will start you earn more for every question you answer. Here is a screenshot of my accounts trait score:

paidviewpoint trait score

As you can see my trait score is 10,000 the highest score possible. Since I have reached this mark I receive a bonus on every survey that I answer.

That is why it’s extremely important to answer trait surveys honestly. You will see the same questions asked over again just to make sure you answered honestly the first time.

Build your trait score up and you will receive more surveys as well!

PaidViewpoint Referral Program

PaidViewpoint offers a pretty good referral program, but not as good as CashCrate.

The referral program works like this. Once you refer someone you will earn 20% of their earnings on the PaidViewpoint Surveys.

Trait Surveys do not earn you any money.

This means if your referral earns $.10 on a trait survey you receive nothing, but if your referral earns $1 on a PaidViewpoint survey you will earn 20% or in this case $.20.

Another catch to this you do not get access to their earnings until they cash them out. This means your referrals earnings much reach over $15 before the cash you earn from them is added to your account. There is a way around this, which I cover next, but here is a screenshot of all the people I’ve referred to PaidViewpoint.

paidviewpoint referral program

PaidViewpoint VIP Referral Program

The PaidViewpoint VIP Referral Program is something that you should strive for because it’s going to earn you a whole lot more money from your referrals.

To apply for the program you will need to have referred 100 people to PaidViewpoint. It sounds like a lot, but trust me it’s reachable just take a look at the screenshot above.

Once you reach 100 you’re able to apply for the program. I have not heard of anyone not getting accepted, but I’m assuming they check and make sure you’re not just creating fake accounts to reach this number.

Once you’re accepted you will have one major advantage. Instead of waiting for your referrals earnings to reach $15 you can now collect their earnings on the go!

That means anytime your referral takes a PaidViewpoint Survey the commission you earn from referring them goes straight into your account!

PaidViewpoint Payments

PaidViewpoint offers a very easy payment system, but it will require you to have a PayPal account. If you don’t have one you should, so go ahead and sign up for one.

But anyways PaidViewpoint only pays by PayPal. They have a minimum cash out amount of $15. Once you reach the $15 cash out you can request your payment at anytime.

It says that it may take up to 3 days to receive payment, but in my experience it only takes a few hours or an instant payment to your PayPal account.

Once you cash out your money, your account is set to $0 and you continue to take surveys until you reach the cash out amount again!

PaidViewpoint Tips and Cheats

Of course there are not cheats to making more money with PaidViewpoint, but I did want to cover some Tips of things you should do to maximize your earnings.

Work on raising your trait score. Give Honest and consistent answers to trait surveys and also make sure to take all surveys that are sent to you. This will lead to your Trait Score rising which leads to getting paid more for each answer you give.

Refer your friends. Gaining referrals is another tip for maximizing your income with PaidViewpoint and all survey sites. Promote these sites to your friends, social media, or blog if you have one to gain referrals.

Answer first. Whenever you receive a PaidViewpoint Survey they do expire after they have a set number of people answer. Make sure to take the survey right when you receive it and you will guarantee a piece of the pot.

Sorry for all coming here to find a way to cheat the system, there is no way. You must be honest and work at it to earn with PaidViewpoint just like any other legit opportunity online!

Final Thoughts On PaidViewPoint

I really like PaidViewpoint because of the following reasons:

  • Quick Easy Surveys
  • Quick Easy Payments
  • Never Not Approved For A Survey
  • Good Referral Program
  • Rewards You For Being An Honest Member

These are the main reasons that PaidViewpoint is my top recommendation for survey sites. By no means is it perfect, but it’s the best I’ve found while taking surveys since 2008.

One thing to point out is you will never be kicked out of a survey because you have not been approved. All of the surveys sent to you from PaidViewpoint you’re already pre-approved for.

This is honestly a feature that already puts PaidViewpoint above 90% of all other survey sites. Combine this with great payments and a good referral program and you have one heck of a survey site.

How To Join PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewpoint is a scam free legit survey site that I highly recommend you joining. If you would like to join PaidViewpoint you can do so here or by clicking below.

I know that you won’t be disappointed in this company. Even if you’ve taken surveys in the past and had bad experiences this company will change your mind on survey sites, just like they did for me! review

If you would like to see some of my other top rated survey sites check out my top 3, PaidViewpoint, CashCrate, and SwagBucks.

All of these sites are great and can help you make a good online survey income!

If you’re looking for a bigger income I recommend signing up for my course on the sidebar of this page, just enter your email to get started or visit the page here.

It will teach you how to start your own online business and make a larger income then what’s possible with surveys.

Hopefully you enjoyed this review, thank you for reading. I showed you that PaidViewpoint is legit. If you have any comments about this site make sure to leave them below and don’t forget to share this review with your friends.