Swagbucks Review – Is Swagbucks Legit?

SwagBucks Review: and Easy Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Swagbucks Earnings

I’ve been making money online since early 2011 and over the years I have come across some great sites. One of my favorite sites to make money with is SwagBucks. Click on below link and get $5 as sign up bonus using our Swagbucks sign up code:

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SwagBucks is a really cool site that lets you earn money in a lot of different ways. You then exchange points or “swagbucks” into gift cards and other cool prizes.

The SwagBucks Review I’m about to give you is from me, a member since 2013. I will do my best to give you an honest review of this site and cover all the details the best that I can.

Stick around to the end of this SwagBucks Review and I will show you some Easy SwagBucks Tips and Tricks that can earn you more money!

SwagBucks Review: Watch this video for swagbucks review on Youtube.

What Is SwagBucks?

SwagBucks is what I like to call a “paid to do” site. Basically what this means is they are going to pay you to do various tasks. Now with SwagBucks they offer a lot of different ways to earn money.

One thing I want to cover right away is SwagBucks uses a point system to track your earnings. The points are called “SwagBucks” which can get a bit confusing at times, since the points and site are called the same thing.

Basically you do various tasks to earn SwagBucks. Once you build up enough SwagBucks you exchange these for awesome rewards such as PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Like I mentioned there are a lot of ways to earn and hundreds of different reward options which I cover later on.

Is SwagBucks Legit?

SwagBucks is 100% legit. I have been using them for over a year now and have been paid over $200 in PayPal gift cards and $100 in Amazon Gift Cards.

SwagBucks is one of the best sites I’ve seen when it comes to always getting credit for your surveys and they always deliver their rewards quickly.

Just to prove to you SwagBucks is Legit take a look at some of my recent payments from this site.

Swagbucks Payment

Here I’ve only shown the last 3 cash outs from SwagBucks just because if I took a screenshot of all my payments the picture would be huge!

But you get the idea that this site really does pay and is completely Legit!

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How To Earn SwagBucks?

Now let’s get to the fun part of SwagBucks, How to Earn SwagBucks. I mentioned above there are a lot of different ways to earn SwagBucks so lets jump right in.

1) Shop

The first tab, is shopping. SwagBucks will actually pay you to shop online. Basically what happens here is you must visit the store through the link at SwagBucks. Once you get to the site you shop normally.

Once you have purchased your product and SwagBucks has confirmed your order, you will be paid in SwagBucks for your purchase!

Upfront SwagBucks will tell you how many SwagBucks you will earn per dollar spent. Most sites range from 1-3, but some are extremely high like 15 per dollar and they always have specials running.

SwagBucks will pay you to shop at over 1,000 stores. Almost every major online store is on their list. Here is an example of a few popular ones.

2) Search

The next way to earn money through SwagBucks is by searching. All you need to do is search through the SwagBucks Search powered by Yahoo.

SwagBucks Search

As long as you search normally you will be awarded SwagBucks for using their search engine. SwagBucks is able to do this because they get a kickback on the paid advertising spots shown within their search results.

When you win SwagBucks you will be required to enter a code and then SwagBucks will be added to your account. When you win you will see something similar to this:

Now, you will not win SwagBucks for every search. It seems to me that when I use this and search about 10 times a day I win at least once a day. Key is to use this normally when you need to search and not try to beat the system by searching over and over.

3) Watch

The third way to make money with SwagBucks is by watching videos or what they call SwagBucks TV. Basically how it works is for every 10 minutes of video you watch you’re rewarded 3 SwagBucks with a limit of 150 points a day. Here is an example of the kind of videos available:

swagbucks TV

4) Play

Play as you probably guessed has to do with playing games. SwagBucks has 100s of games available to play, most are free, but some do require you to purchase coins.

To earn with this method you just need to play the games. You should receive 1 SwagBuck every time you play a game and there are additional bonuses for beating your high score, playing a lot, and making it on the leader board.

Here are some examples of SwagBucks Games:

swagbucks play

5) Answer

Under the answer tab you’re going to find 3 more ways to earn with SwagBucks. The first is through surveys. SwagBucks offers 5 different type of surveys.

  • Survey Dashboard
  • Target Email Surveys
  • Gold Surveys
  • Peanut Lab Surveys
  • Daily Surveys

All of these surveys are great options for earnings SwagBucks. Here is an example of surveys you will see.

swagbucks surveys

The picture above shows examples from the survey dashboard. All 5 types of surveys are joined independently and differ from each other, but for the most part they are all good paying and easy to complete. The good thing, although you join these surveys separately all earnings go into one SwagBucks account.

The next way to earn under the answer tab is through Polls. SwagBucks offers 1 poll each day, these polls are one question with multiple choice answers. These usually pay 1-3 SwagBucks each, and if you answer the poll multiple days in a row you will receive a bonus.

Here is an example of a daily poll:

swagbucks polls

The last way to earn under the answer tab is through tasks. Honestly I’m not a fan of this section. Most of the time, pay is pretty low for the tasks you will be completing. But basically a third-party provider is giving you tasks to complete, each takes just a few minutes and usually earn you around 1 SwagBuck a piece.

6) Discover

The discover tab has a few miscellaneous ways to earn SwagBucks. The first is by special offers. Basically these are offers just like the ones I will cover within the next section, but they are provided by a third-party. There are multiple third-party sites that are listed. It’s just another way to earn more SwagBucks, but I like the offers SwagBucks has more.

The next way to earn is through Coupons. This process is very simple. Find coupons that you would like to redeem, print them out, and then use them at a local grocery store. For every coupon you redeem you will receive 10 SwagBucks. Here is an example of some of the coupons they offer.

swagbucks coupons

7) Offers

Personally this is my favorite way to earn SwagBucks. Offers are usually pretty easy to complete and offer a lot of SwagBucks.

There are two type of offers, Paid and Free.

The Free offers pay less then the paid offers, but usually are much easier to complete and have to do with signing up for a site or filling out a form.

The Paid offers usually require you to either buy a product or sign up for a free trial with a credit card down.

Here is an example of some the offers you will see:

swagbucks offers

I’ve seen some offers paid offers that pay up to 10,000 SwagBucks and some Free that are just a few. It really all depends on what’s available.

One thing to be careful about is when doing paid offers that are free trials, you need to make sure you cancel your membership before the date of your next charge if you don’t want to keep the service!

8) Referring Friends

swagbucks referral program: SwagBucks offers a very good referral program, that has honestly made me a good deal of PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards.

The referral program is very simple. You earn 10% of all your referrals earnings. If you refer Johnny from down the street and he earns 100 SwagBucks, you will earn 10.

This is a great way to really earn some big money with this program.

swagbucks referrals

Above is a screenshot of how many people I have referred to SwagBucks. You can see to date I have referred 82 people and they have earned me over 5000 SwagBucks. This means I’ve earned over $50 just from referring people.

SwagBucks gives you a few tools to help market your referral link. Along with having a unique referral link you can put on a blog or on social media, they have a built in email system and the ability to connect with you Facebook and invite your friends!

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Easy SwagBucks Tips And Tricks to Maximize Your Earnings

I’ve went over all the main ways to earn SwagBucks, but now I want to give you a few SwagBucks Tip and Tricks to maximize your earnings with this program.


SwagBucks offers these cool little things called SwagCodes. These are posted on their social media accounts and at their blog.

All you need to do is follow them and look out for their posts. Most of them will contain a code that can be entered on the homepage of SwagBucks.

See what I mean here:

swagcodes swagbuck codes

All you will need to do is enter the code 4SB into the swagcode section and you will earn 5 SwagBucks. Most of the swagcodes earn anywhere from 3-10 SwagBucks. This
won’t have a huge effect on how much you can earn, but it’s a helpful tip!

SwagBucks ToolBar (SwagButton)

The next SwagBucks tip is the SwagBucks Tool Bar, Chrome Extension, or what they call the SwagButton. Basically this is a browser extension that lets you know when swagcodes have been released, allows you to see your balance easily, but the biggest help and tip for having this installed has to do with shopping.

Once you have the toolbar installed, if you visit a store that SwagBucks gives cash back at you will see a message that says click here to earn so many SwagBucks per dollar. All you have to do is click the button and your purchase will now be eligible for cash back!

Along with these helpful reminders SwagBucks will also give you 100 SwagBucks just for installing the SwagButton!

SwagBucks Credit Card

swagbucks credit card: The biggest hint I can give you is the SwagBucks Credit Card. This works just like any other credit card, but pays you cash back with SwagBucks.

When you open an account you will automatically receive 1000 SwagBucks if you use the card within the first 3 billing cycles.

Along with the bonus you will also receive 1.25 SwagBucks per dollar you spend on the card. Some might not think that’s a great rate, but it’s a way to build up a lot of SwagBucks easily!

I have my own SwagBucks card and use it regularly to earn more SwagBucks!

SwagBucks To-Do List

swagbucks to do listHere is another easy trick to earn more SwagBucks each day, it’s called the SwagBucks to-do list and gives you four easy ways to earn each day.

Daily Crave: Shows you a websites. All you have to do is explore these sites for a few seconds and you will get paid 1-3 SwagBucks for your time!

SwagButton: Or what I referred to is as the SwagBucks ToolBar will earn you 1 SwagBuck for everyday you have it installed on your computer and use the browser.

Daily Poll: I covered this under the answer tab, but everyday SwagBucks has a multiple choice poll that takes a few seconds of your time. This will earn you 2-5

NOSO: Is a list of offers that are shown to you. All you have to do is click skip offer a few times and you’re rewarded 3-5 SwagBucks.

When you complete the To-Do list you will also earn a bonus of 3-5 SwagBucks each day. If you complete this everyday you’re guaranteed at least 20 SwagBucks! Best of all it just takes a few minutes.

Daily SwagBucks Goal

swagbucks daily goalThe last tip and trick for SwagBucks is the daily goal. Basically each day SwagBucks is going to give you a goal for how many SwagBucks they want you to earn. You can see an example of this to the right.

All you need to do is meet this goal and you will be given a bonus.

In this case, they would like me to earn 30 SwagBucks. If I meet or exceed this goal I will be getting a 3 SwagBuck bonus!

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How SwagBucks Pays You?

There are two ways to redeem your SwagBucks. First is through SwagBucks Rewards which offers gift cards to most major retailers. The next way is through Sweep Stakes or what they consider SwagStakes. Let’s cover both right now!

SwagBucks Rewards

The main way to get paid by SwagBucks is through the rewards tab. SwagBucks has over 500 different gift card options. I won’t go through all of them, but there are a ton of different stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc.

Most stores start with a $5 gift card and also offer $10, $25, $50 amounts. The SwagBucks point system is pretty simple. $5 gift cards are 500 SwagBucks and $10 gift cards are 1000 SwagBucks. You can do the math the rest of the way!

Here is an example of some great options:

swagbuck rewards

Along with tons of great stores, they also offer PayPal gift cards, which is basically cash starting at the $25 amount. Personally this my favorite because I love the cash!

They also offer some charitable donations for you good people out there. These include Red Cross, Plant A Tree, and those sad dog commercials you always see.

One last thing I want to mention is SwagBucks does have gift cards on sale. The $5 Amazon gift card is always 450 SwagBucks instead of 500 and random gift cards will be on sale each month!

When you request a gift card you’re code will be sent to you by email within 3 days of requesting it!

SwagBucks SweepStakes

If you don’t know what a Sweep Stakes is, basically it’s a raffle for a particular item. You purchase entries with your SwagBucks and a winner is drawn for the item.

SwagBucks offers thousands of Sweep Stakes everyday from all kind of items. Let’s take a look at what you can enter.

swagbucks sweepstakes

Like I said there are various Sweep Stakes each day from SwagBuck giveaways from Gift Card giveaways you can usually find anything you want to enter.

Honestly I’m not a lucky guy so I stay away from Sweep Stakes as much as possible, I prefer to cash out with gift cards instead of entering giveaways, but the choice is yours!

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Is SwagBucks A Scam?

SwagBucks is not a scam, I’ve shown you that this company does give credit for all the ways to earn and will pay you your rewards when you cash out your SwagBucks.

I highly recommend SwagBucks to anyone looking to make some extra cash online and it’s one of my top rated survey sites.

If you’ve liked what you read in this review I would love if you could Join SwagBucks by clicking on the picture below!

The SwagBucks Review

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Thank you for reading my post on The SwagBucks Review. Hopefully you enjoyed this review and I gave you all the information you were looking for. If not please leave your questions and thoughts in the comment section below! Oh Yeah, don’t forget to let all your friends know about SwagBucks by sharing this SwagBucks Review!

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