What Can I Sell to Make Money?

What Can I Sell to Make Money?

Sell own products – another good part time jobs for college students, teens and stay at home moms.

Wondering “What Can I Sell to Make Money“? Today we talk about selling your own products and things to sell to make money. They are good part time jobs for college students, teens and stay at home moms or even become full time jobs if you get the idea and follow the correct method.

As you may know, selling own products is one of the most popular online jobs for college students, and receiving more and more interest since they are the great combination between traditional business and online technology. Basically, to succeed in selling your own products, you have to answers the following questions:

How to find products to sell and what to sell to make money?

Well, this is the first step and very important one. You must have products in hand (or in mind) before deciding HOW to sell them and what to sell to make money. In order to answer this question, you can consider some suggestions:

  • The most important key is following your passions. This is the key for any successful stories. Just sit down, take a paper and a pencil, then note down all stuff that give you lots of interest, things that you can talk about them all day without any inconvenience. For example, you like dog, you may think of creating an eBook to share to others about your dog training experience. Or you’re interested in making crafts, why don’t you sell them to others ?
  • Have enough demand or not? This is also very important since it decides the potential of your product selling. Let’s imagine: through brainstorming your passions, you did choose a cool idea to follow; however, not many people like this as you do, so it’s very difficult for you to sell your products. In order to determine the demand of products, you can use Google Keyword Tools. This is a powerful tool which is provided by Google, give you the idea of search volume that people search for your products. If no one is searching for your products, it’s clear that you hardly sell them.
  • Another factor is that you should take care of your competitors. If in Google or other eCommerce, you find many people that are selling same products as yours, that may be a good sign. However, if there are too many competitors, it will be very hard to rank for. To determine the competitiveness, just go to Google or other eCommerce sites such as eBay, Amazon and search for your product name.

Things to Sell to Make Money – Could you suggest some ideas?

It depends on your interest and knowledge, but I can give you some ideas:

  • Make eBooks: This is a quite simple way to have your own products. Basically, you utilize your knowledge to create digital products. What you need to do: write (or brainstorm the main idea and outsource to other writer) a 50-100 page eBook, design a cover and give it some other supplements, then Tada, you had your own eBook which is ready to sell.
  • Do designs and sell them: If you have skills on designing, that will be great for selling, since the demand for designing is growing quickly.
  • Customize hard products: it sounds quite complex to create hard products and sell them, but that’s actually not hard like that. For example, if you are creative, you can customize some normal stuff to become more unique ones. You can go to print services such as CafePress, SpreadShirt and give them your design, and you will receive the T-shirts with your own decoration. Next step is just to sell them.

What steps I have to do to sell my own products?

The detailed process is based on products you choose and other factors, but typically there are the following steps:

  1. Step #1: Create products (of course)
  2. Step #2: Post your products’ ads to the Internet (it could be on your own site, or eCommerce sites, we will discuss it in below section)
  3. Step #3: Get traffic to your products. You can utilize all legal methods to do so. One of useful way is to leverage the strength of affiliate: have others promote products for you.
  4. Step #4: Convert traffic into sales.

Could you give me some sources to start?

Well, there are so many ways to start selling your products. But in general, there are 2 main methods:

Selling on your own sites: The advantage of this method is that you have full control of your selling, while the disadvantage is the traffic is not high at the start. You have to promote your sites a lot before it gets visitors. Don’t worry if you don’t have technical skills, since nowadays there are many eCommerce platforms which help you to create an online store easily. You can read more at: eCommerce solutions

Selling on eCommerce sites: The concept is simple and if you have purchased goods from eBay, you already got the idea. I will list some big eCommerce sites:

  1. eBay: This is C2C (Customer to Customer) model. You can sell anything on this site, but the highlights are collectibles and vintage electronics.
  2. Amazon: Start with books but now you can sell anything here.
  3. Craigslists: Can sell anything but the popular one is large items like furniture.
  4. 99 Designs: Sell your designing logos.
  5. Etsy: Sell handmade products.
  6. Clickbank: affiliate platform. It can be used as payment platform, too. This is mainly for digital products such as eBooks, training courses, software, etc.

Let me know if I’ve missed something 🙂

Some other ideas to make money and online jobs for teens, college students and stay at home moms: